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Nail color for summer 2023? Have you chosen the right color yet?

Choosing a suitable nail model will make you exude personality and charm. Here, let's learn with Harwich Nails about top nail color for summer 2023.

The best nail color for summer 2023 at Harwich Nails

If you know the principles of color selection, it will enhance the beauty of your skin color a lot. Please refer to not spend too much time when choosing for yourself a suitable nail model!

Plum red nail polish

This nail color makes your skin look much brighter. Plum red brings charm and elegance, helping you to be confident with pretty nails. Certainly plum red is the number 1 color of the nail colors suitable for those who love modern nail designs.


Gray is a Nail color for summer 2023 that will help you highlight the beauty of your skin. When choosing this nail color, your hands and feet will become much brighter. 

Gray tones are often the choice of girls with strong personalities. Note to choose light, light gray colors to make it easier to coordinate.

Mirror metallic nail design

Fashionistas will definitely not be able to ignore this very popular nail color. Metallic colors are neutral in color and go well with most skin tones. For girls with dark skin, mirror gold is for you.

Chrome nail designs

If you don't pay close attention, the chrome color looks quite similar to the metallic color. Nail fanatics often prioritize this color when going to a party or going to a crowded place. Because they are just bright enough and impress the opposite person! Moreover, chrome color is quite diverse for you to choose!

Gold nail color for summer 2023

Gold is a beautiful nail color that is always loved by many people if you know how to refresh it and update nail trends continuously. This is a deep color tone, you can make them stand out more by applying makeup to your nails.

Elegant nude nail tones

Nude nail polish often tops the list of the most popular beautiful nail color for summer 2023. However, there are many different nude lipstick tones on the market, so you have to choose the right nude paint for you. 

You can try a full nude pink instead of beige if you want to do a nice soft nail design for your overall look.

Blue nail polish

If you are a fan of cobalt blue but want to lighten your skin tone, you should definitely try navy blue. This beautiful nail polish color is almost universal and is especially effective for girls with slightly darker skin.

Nail color for summer 2023 with neon tone

This beautiful nail polish color is very flattering on the skin. You can choose from neon orange, green and yellow… 

However, for this color tone you have to try the nail color before deciding to buy. You won't be able to judge just from the color in the bottle, because achieving the best possible color is based on how thin the nail polish is.

Matte nail polish

Matte nail polish color has become the current nail trend. This type of paint gives you a delicate and luxurious nail set but also cute and elegant. In particular, the roughness helps to increase the water resistance and scratch resistance of the nails. 

The most popular color trend in the matte nail polish palette is slightly darker tones. For example, nail polish colors black, brown, blue, red,... help to brighten the skin of the hands.

Pastel blue nail art

Another gentle nail color for summer 2023 for those who love the lovely and cute that you should not ignore is pastel blue. Pastel blue color helps you look elegant but full of personality. 

If you choose pastel blue nail color, try mixing some glitter to make your hands stand out and attract more.






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