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Top 5+ beautiful nail designs at Harwich Nails

The collection of beautiful nail designs at Harwich Nails for beauty lovers is extremely diverse, rich and unique; from materials, designs, colors to textures, patterns. We have tons of different nail designs for you to choose from and not afraid of duplicates.

In today's post, we will introduce you to the most beautiful nail designs from basic to the most luxurious.

The most popular beautiful nail designs


Choosing a beautiful nail style is like choosing the right outfit for your hands. There are many beautiful and luxurious nail designs. From simple models to complex patterns, there are many shapes and designs for you to choose from.

Simple nails


For those who like elegant and pure beauty, you can choose tones such as brown, beige, dark blue,... The nail design is simple but equally outstanding.

Depending on your preferences and clothes to choose the right color. You can combine to attach a few glittering details to make the nail beautiful, with eye-catching accents such as beads, glitter,...

Beautiful nail designs for short nails

If you are bored with glossy paint colors, you can change to a beautiful nail design with matte paint. The advantage of this paint is that it dries quickly, is less prone to smudging and is less prone to scratches.

Matte paint colors are as diverse as glossy paints. Some colors you should definitely try are yellow, blue, gray, moss,…

Ombre nail designs

This nail style is suitable for those with light skin tones. The highlight of Ombre nail color is the color transition from dark to light.

This is one of the most gentle and seductive beautiful nail designs that stylish ladies often choose. Ombre nail designs are very suitable when wearing evening dresses at luxurious parties.

Beautiful flower nail designs


Beautiful nail art with flowers has been a hot trend today and is expected to remain so in the future. The characteristic of this type of nail is that it requires the meticulousness of the manicurist.

Depending on your style, you can choose from different texture suggestions. 

Beautiful nail designs for adults and middle-aged people


Nail designs of mature adults will be a little different from the rest of the nail designs. They bring a beauty that is a little bit loving, polite, calm, not dynamic or too personal. 

You should choose color schemes with depth to show maturity or you can use patterns with stones and beads to enhance the elegance.

Vintage style nail designs

Vintage nail design is a nail decoration inspired by the styles and fashions of the 20s and 30s of the last century. This nail style often uses colors like wine red, pastel pink, light blue or classic yellow to create a classic and retro look. 

Usually the motifs on these beautiful nail designs will be stripes, polka dots or patterns with circles or squares.

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